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Panel’s final report to the Minister
27 June 2012

The Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel is due to conclude its work and provide its final report to the Minister for Local Government within the next two weeks.

As per its Terms of Reference, the final report will present the Panel’s preferred option for local government reform in metropolitan Perth.

Since July last year, the Panel has been examining the national and international factors likely to impact Perth in the next 50 years. It has considered research on local government structures and governance models elsewhere, and deliberated on which structures and models would be appropriate to Perth.

In April the Panel released the Draft Findings, a summary of its observations to date and an indication of its thinking on the future of local government in Perth.

The Panel was pleased to receive 195 submissions on its Draft Findings, including a number received after the official comment period closed. The Panel has taken time to consider the submissions carefully, and incorporate the observations contained in them to its final report.

After the Panel has completed its final report, the Metropolitan Local Government Review will be complete. The Panel’s report will be given directly to the Minister, who will consider the findings before taking them to Cabinet. Cabinet endorsement will be required to make the report available to the public.

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