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Glossary of Terms
In the context of the Review, amalgamation refers to the merger or two or more local governments to create a single, large local government.

The act of governing. In the context of local government, governance describes the role of local government to effectively undertake responsibilities such as strategic planning, representation, community engagement, asset management etc.

Governance model
A method or system used to undertake governance, including how governments make arrangement with other governments and the non-government sector.

Governance structure
In Western Australia, there is a three tier governance structure – Local, State and Commonwealth.

The instrument of governance. The form or system by which a nation, state or community is governed. The governing body of a state, nation or community. The governing body of a local government in Western Australia is the City, Town or Shire council established under the Local Government Act 1995.

Government structure
Australia’s government structure is a representative democracy, whereby the individuals are elected to government to represent the community. The government speaks and acts on behalf of the people within its jurisdiction. The representatives who are elected to local government councils are called councillors or elected members. The head of the council is the Mayor or President.
View Local Government Areas in Perth Statistical Division map.

Local government
A general term for a body corporate constituted under the Local Government Act 1995 (encompassing cities, towns and shires) which is governed by a Council of elected members and administered by employed staff, which has responsibility for certain governing functions within territorial areas smaller than the State.

Metropolitan Perth
For the purpose of the Review, metropolitan Perth is defined as the Perth Statistical Division according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It contains 30 local governments (including the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale). “Metropolitan Area” under the Local Government Act 1995 and “Metropolitan Region” under the Planning and Development Act 1995 have the same definition*. For the purpose of the Review, the phrases “Perth”, “metropolitan area” and “metropolitan region” are interchangeable, unless otherwise specified.
*Metropolitan Region has a different definition under the Regional Development Commission Act. The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale is classed as being in the Peel Region not the Metropolitan Region.

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